Healthcare thinkathon

July 23, 2019 | regions tower event space

The 2019 Healthcare Thinkathon is a destination for professionals, from all industries, committed to leading and sustaining change in the healthcare system. Engage with hundreds of industry leaders for a day of innovative thinking.






malaz boustani, md, mph

Three Pillars of an Agile Healthcare Delivery Organization

Chief Innovation Officer, Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science

godwin-charles ogbeide, phd, mba

Associate Professor of Strategy & Hospitality, IUPUI School of Health & Human Sciences

nakaisha tolbert-banks, lcsw

NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Morhaf Al Achkar, md, phd

Tarrying at the Limit of Time: Rethinking Medicine As A Patient with Cancer

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Washington 

brea perry, phd

Professor of Sociology, Indiana University Network Science Institute

Katreen boustani


Undergraduate Instructor for IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

LCDR Fred butler, jr., mba, mph

Leadership and Sustainability

Vice President, IMPAQ International

jose azar, md

Sustaining Quality Improvement Efforts

Chief Quality Officer, Indiana University Health

Deborah gordon

deborah gordon

Healthcare Consumerism Scholar and Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School


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So excited to be participating in the 2019 Healthcare Thinkathon! We are consumers of healthcare and should NOT settle for care that isn't valued and personalized. We need to demand more. #healthcare #makelifebetter #seniorcare #healthcare2019 #indianapolis #selfcare #wellness #fitness #bethechange
Reynolds & Associates Counseling
@TheCHIIS Innovation Forum 2019. Proud professor watching former student #tierrapinkins lead this session on how to improve the healthcare system. @IUPUI
Sara Johnson
Director, Executive Education & Clinical Assistant Professor
Such an amazing day at the 2019 Thinkathon! Great presentations, amazing speakers, and valuable solutions! #agile #healthcare #innovation #implementation
Lindy Bilimek
Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Connectivity and informatics needed to bring about adoption of alternative payment models (APM) in healthcare @TheCHIIS
Bonny VanDeventer
Associate Director of Academic Advising, Computer Science
We've changed markets - shopping, hailing rides, travel. Why not healthcare?! Let's make change! @TheCHIIS Thinkathon #healthcare #change #agile
Deb Birnbaum
Manager, Continuous Quality Improvement
Malaz Boustani talking about agile implementation at the Healthcare Thinkathon in Indianapolis 🙂
Horst Christian Vollmar
#Healthcare is too big to be changed by just a few people. We need a large network of people who see things differently and are willing to try new approaches #amen #HealthcareThinkathon
Deborah Gordon
Healthcare Consumerism Scholar and Senior Fellow
Inspiring to keynote the 1st annual #HealthcareThinkathon in Indianapolis and connect with so many others working to address our biggest #publichealth challenges with innovation and big thinking. #CHIIS
Michael Jackson
Leader, Public Health
I am at the Healthcare Thinkathon being held by the IU Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science. It’s great being here with other leaders who are committed to bringing outside the box thinking, innovation and implementation together to help change healthcare. #healthcare #community #engagement #healthcarethinkathon
Mike Simmons
Founder & Managing Partner
Congratulations to Dr. Malaz Boustani and his team at IU Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science on their inaugural event to transform healthcare - the #HealthcareThinkathon! AIHS fully embraces the vision you and your speakers shared and looks forward to working with you to achieve the Quadruple Aim: Healthcare Quality Improvement. -Better Care-Improved Outcomes-Lower Costs-Enhanced Experiences
Connie Benton Wolfe
President & CEO
Amazing day in Indy! Remember to think outside the box and consider technologies in other industries - those that may not have been specifically designed for healthcare, but will prove greatly benefit for Healthcare 2.0
Beth Krah
Owner & CEO
Great session by Drs. Rich Holden, Deborah Gordon, and @ariadneDMD, on the role and importance of human-centered design in devising and refining solutions to challenges in healthcare. #HealthcareThinkathon @TheCHIIS @Regenstrief @IndianaCTSI
Peter Embi
President & CEO
Enjoyed the day at the recent @TheCHIIS Thinkathon which gave us all a lot to think about!! Great discussions but more importantly, great connections such as with @nickisnpdx. I am honored to join the #pinksocks movement. Remember, its about the privledge of gifting!
Thane Peterson
COO & Vice President
Quadruple aim in healthcare= triple aim + delightful experience #healthcarethinkathon #chiis
Olga Elizarova
Sr. Behavior Change Analyst
Participate in an Innovation Forum? Yes please! Such a great method to create an open, welcoming environment to generate ideas, innovation and solutions. @TheCHIIS @Regenstrief #HealthcareThinkathon
Heidi Lindroth
PhD Candidate
Spending time w IU School of Medicine and America’s top healthcare leaders strategizing on how to reimagine Healthcare into a smart, agile accountable health community. “Ego is just like dust in the eye. [clear the eye - see the world].” #healthcarethinkathon #CHIIS
Beth Krah
Owner & CEO
Yes to new ideas Yes to new ways of thinking Yes to letting go of our minds Yes to being aware of what’s going on ... #HealthcareThinkathon @TheCHIIS @nickisnpdx
Aanal Mehta
Grad Student
How often do we remove solutions that don't work in #healthcare? More often we just add new solutions. #NoWonderHealthcareIsComplicated #HealthcareThinkathon @TheCHIIS
Deborah Gordan
Healthcare Consumerism Scholar and Senior Fellow
“If you can’t suspect it, you can’t detect it” @embimd #HealthcareThinkathon
Carolina Braga
My plan for the day-learning how to best improve our healthcare system from the leading experts in the field. Thrilled to be a part of #thinkathon2018 @TheCHIIS @Regenstrief
Heidi Lindroth
PhD Candidate
Absolutely. Please allow time to step back and thoughtfully consider new strategic implementations. Always do your research & ask technology reps plenty of questions and get documented proof and data to support any claims. #HealthcareThinkathon #CHIIS
Beth Krah
Owner & CEO
Looking forward to thinking differently and thinking about the possibilities #healthcarethinkathon
Carla Cox
Regional VP & CNO
Too often in #healthcare we get too excited by the next exciting thing. And spend time and resources solving things that don't really matter #HealthcareThinkathon
Deborah Gordan
Connecting with @nickisnpdx. I should’ve wore my #pinksocks #HealthcareThinkathon
Michelle Kreinbrook
Regional Director
Tackling opioid crisis via the cloud with the help of data and public health @amazon #healthcarethinkathon #chiis
Olga Elizarova
Sr. Behavior Change Analyst
@nickisnpdx you totally rocked the mic at the #healthcarethinkathon today! #pinksocks #inspiration. Thanks for making it out and spreading the love!!
Saul Marquez
Regional Business Manager
Empathy. Connection. Radical self reliance; radical self expression; communal effort; radical inclusion; such an inspiring talk this morning about our power to see and take the time to connect! #pinksocks @nickisnpdx #HealthcareThinkathon
Carolina Braga
Hand washing was heretical in 1800s even though proof was there that it reduced mortality in childbirth. Like telling doctors they were unclean. What beliefs do we hold today that prevent us from achieving healthcare 2.0? #healthcarethinkathon
Deborah Gordon
Healthcare Consumerism Scholar and Senior Fellow
Healthy emotional fitness. Warm and friendly write on behalf of the #pinksocks. @miss_braga @nickisnpdx #healthcarethinkathon
Barbarann Ott
“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” The Dalai Lama #CHIIS #healthcarethinkathon
Beth Krah
Owner & CEO
How can we make sure we don’t miss diagnoses? #evidencegeneratingmedicine #chiis #healthcarethinkathon
Olga Elizarova
Sr. Behavior Change Analyst
Say YES to new ideas! @nickisnpdx #healthcarethinkathon
Rebecca Barlett Ellis
Behavioral Scientist
@TheCHIIS bringing in the future of healthcare
Ed Sieferd
UX Designer
Empathy. Connection. Gifting. “I see you” is powerful. Imagine our healthcare system if each of us empowered one another through a passion to connect. #pinksocks #healthcarethinkathon @TheCHIIS @Regenstrief @nickisnpdx
Heidi Lindroth
PhD Candidate
A big shout out goes out to Malaz Boustani for leading the charge at the #CHIIS (Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science) and with the #HealthcareThinkathon. The energy, passion, and talent he's poured into this organization are making the Midwest a hub for Healthcare 2.0.
Saul Marquez
Regional Business Manager

I just wanted to convey my thanks for the amazing event you and your team put together yesterday. I predict the THINKATHON will become a premier, must attend event for health care leaders in the years ahead…It inspired some creative thinking and certainly was a great experience for all.

Connie Benton Wolfe

President & CEo, aging & in-home services

Take a Peek Inside

2019 Healthcare Thinkathon


The Healthcare Thinkathon is a meeting bringing together bright minds and experts from various industries to continue the pursuit of creating a more effective healthcare delivery system.

Our Mission

The drive of IU CHIIS is to change our current healthcare system into an efficient and patient centric ecosystem.  We are jump starting a dialogue to drive improvement and sustainable results for health leaders and patients.

Our Vision

We challenge healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge and create innovative solutions by forming a community to foster the continuity of innovation and scalable solutions.

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