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Leading successful change can be trying and time consuming especially when demand on time is already great. Let our trained Agile Implementation coaches, also known as Change Agents, accept the challenge of working within your complex environment to facilitate and implement innovative improvements. Our Change Agents will proactively and collaboratively identify the right opportunities while engaging stakeholders to develop scalable and sustainable evidence-based solutions.

Innovation Forums

Innovation Forums, our group-based problem- solving platform, are ideal for addressing complex challenges in healthcare. We bring together physicians, nurses, patients, healthcare management, and other stakeholders to offer fresh perspectives, identify solutions, and create a shared understanding.

Our staff handles all the details from pre to post-event, including invitations, expert facilitation, and a generation of solutions report.

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Our Success in Numbers

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Agile Implementation based approaches utilized by over 2,100 practices across seven states, with 15,000 clinicians serving over 10 million individuals resulted in improved health outcomes and reduced costs.

From 2014 through 2019, with an investment of $40 million dollars, CHIIS and its network saved over $800 million.