become a change agent in healthcare

Innovation and Implementation Science Graduate Certificate

Healthcare professionals from an array of disciplines have enrolled in the Innovation and Implementation Science (IIS) Graduate Program—a program from the top-ranked medical school at Indiana University, for those passionate about improving healthcare. 

The program, now offered 100% online, provides the skills, resources, mentorship, and hands-on opportunities necessary to develop you into a successful change agent in healthcare.

Through IIS coursework, you will build a foundation to improve processes of care, shape patient and clinician behaviors, and lead effective and sustainable change in your organization. Assignments will help you practice the tools of Agile Implementation, such as confirming demand and implementing a termination plan, alongside business skills such as networking and pitching to stakeholders.

Current cohorts include physicians, nurses, consultants, administrators, executives, and researchers. They practice at academic medical centers, health systems, urban and rural hospitals, and in pharmaceutical, insurance, and device companies.

Dr. Malaz Boustani and some of the students from the 2018 cohort








Explore the Curriculum

Build a foundation with core courses. Apply and refine your knowledge through practicums. Build your network while exchanging ideas with your cohort and faculty in person at the on-campus weekend residencies.

Study the transfer of evidence-based knowledge into routine practice with a focus on physician practices, continuum of care, and community settings. Innovation and implementation strategies and models will be examined with a focus on outcome measures, fidelity, changing reimbursement and new accountable care and shared savings delivery models.
Explore stakeholder outcomes and program evaluation methods related to implementation projects and trials, and ongoing program evaluation. The focus is on addressing practitioners’ need for informed decision-making. Topics covered include comparative effectiveness research, patient-centered outcomes, quality improvement cycles, and rapid learning health care systems.
This course focuses on the robust design of an evidence-based intervention to achieve better care, lower costs, and better patient-centered outcomes. By focusing on effective design, the intervention should result in lower implementation costs, higher stakeholder acceptance, a more rapid time to full scalability, and higher quality of care.

This course provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for leading and implementing a new health care invention in diverse types of health care settings. The course emphasizes complex adaptive systems, change strategies, leadership, teaming, and project management with a focus on the unique aspects of innovation and implementation science.

Through an organizational sponsor and faculty mentorship, this practicum synthesizes previous coursework and demonstrates competencies in designing evidence-based interventions and care models to deliver better care, lower costs, and higher patient-centered outcomes. The first practicum project course focuses on identifying an opportunity for a planned change and designing the intervention.

“The Health Innovation and Implementation Graduate Certificate is designed for those who are passionate about improving healthcare. The program provides course work on Innovation and Implementation along with personalized mentoring and a practicum to fully understand how this transformative evidence-based approach will make them leaders in positive change.”
Malaz Boustani
Founding Director, Chief Innovation & Implementation Officer
august 11-13, 2020

Agile Innovation Bootcamp

Led by Drs. Malaz Boustani, Richard Holden, and Jose Azar

The Application Process

Class Start Date: August 26, 2020 

Your statement should address the following questions:

  1. What do you think is lacking the most in the healthcare system to make change?
  2. How would you like to transform the current healthcare system?

Please limit your personal statement to 500 words (the equivalent of one page, single-spaced, with 12-point font).

You will upload your personal statement through the Application Tab on the online application

Prepare your CV or Resume so that it will be ready for upload on the the online application.

You must complete the following online application sections:

1. Personal Information
2. Academic History
3. Supporting Information
4. Program Materials

The application will take around 20 minutes to complete, however, you can save your work and come back later to finish your application.

Applicants who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents who have received an MD or DO from a U.S. institution are required to submit their official medical school transcript only. Applicants who have received other degrees granted (e.g. BS, BA, MS) are required to submit their undergraduate or graduate transcripts.

For those applicants who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, or whose education was obtained outside of the U.S., official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended must be sent directly from the granting institution to the address below.

Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science
410 W. 10th St. Suite 1400
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Attn: Grad Program

If you are requesting electronic transcripts you must provide the granting institution the following e-mail address:

Applications will be reviewed and an admission decision will be made 2-3 weeks after all documents have been submitted. You will be notified of a decision via postal mail.

This course has provided me practical skills to lead and implement change to supplement my current evidence based practices. If you are interested in making a change in healthcare -- not just in the environment, but also in yourself -- register for this program. It will not disappoint.
Jan Powers
Director of Nursing Research, Parkview Health
The Graduate Certificate in Health Innovation & Implementation Science program is one of the best programs I have been a part of in my nursing career. I am learning new concepts that are applicable to my current work. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in being part of the changing healthcare environment.
Shelley Suarez
Senior Research manager, regenstrief institute
Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition and Fees

The tuition rate for the Graduate Certificate in Health Innovation and Implementation Science for is $1,323.50 per credit hour with a total of 15 credit hours in the program. Tuition does not include mandatory university fees, hotel or travel expenses if coming from outside the Indianapolis area, or meals outside of classes.

Payment Plans

Multiple payment plan options are available for paying tuition and fees including pre-payment and deferred payment options that allow students to pay tuition on a monthly basis. More information on the deferment payment option is available through the Bursar.

Financial Aid

Scholarship Opportunity
CHIIS is offering partial scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. To apply for our scholarship opportunity, please complete the Scholarship Application and submit by July 1st.

Private, credit-based alternative loan
All students can apply for a private, credit-based alternative loan. Students can borrow up to the full cost of attendance (set by the financial aid office) minus all other financial assistance. The terms of private loans are set by the lender. Click here for more information.

Employee Tuition Benefits and Sponsorship Accounts

Indiana University and many of our health care partners offer tuition benefits for their employees. Your employer may set up a sponsorship account with the Bursars office as a Third Party Sponsor. Please check with your employer to see what options may be available to you!

Please note: If you are an employee of Indiana University, you are eligible to receive a tuition benefit of $4,050 per quarter.