committed to improving healthcare

CHIIS exists to create a network of Change Agents willing to champion improvement in the healthcare industry. Through education and engagement services, healthcare professionals learn a proven evidence-based change methodology, Agile Implementation, designed specifically to improve healthcare.


Everyone at CHIIS is inspired and energized by one uniting mission of building a tightly linked network of certified AI Change Agents who are united in their passion to make a profound and lasting difference for their healthcare practice and the patients they serve.


CHIIS is an Innovation Engine with the vision of transforming care experiences for everyone – now! Our vision is a system focused on meeting the quadruple aim: better care and improved outcomes at lower costs with enhanced patient and clinician experiences.


Excellence. Collaboration. Creativity. Integrity. These values guide the way we work with our clients and with each other. We strive to create a vibrant environment, where ideas blossom through innovation, knowledge transfer and group-based problem solving.

This is personal. I want my own family and my patients and their families to get the best evidence-based care with great value, and I want this to happen now. With Agile Implementation, we can effectively and sustainably compress the discovery to delivery translational timeline.

Malaz Boustani

Founding Director, Chief Innovation & Implementation Officer

our journey to date

August 2011

Conversations begin within IU School of Medicine to establish a top ranked “clinical laboratory” for Implementation Science. Initial conversations explored the formation of an Innovation and Implementation Science Initiative (IISI), with goals of supporting transformational needs of Indiana healthcare systems and competing for new lines of federal funding in Implementation Science.

August 2012

The official birth of the IISI.

November 2013

The Wall Street Journal highlighted Dr. Boustani’s efforts to combat Post-ICU Syndrome and reduce the after effects of time spent in intensive care. Soon after, the IISI converted into The Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science (CHIIS) with $20 million in funding for implementation scientists.

March 2014

Indianapolis Business Journal named Dr. Boustani one of 2014’s Health Care Heroes for his numerous achievements and innovations – specifically the Healthy Aging Brain Care Model.

February 2015

CHIIS created the nation’s first Graduate Certificate in Health Innovation and Implementation Science, targeting clinicians and healthcare administrators who aspired to be catalysts for improved healthcare outcomes at lower costs.

May 2015

Preferred Population Health Management licensed the eMR-ABC, one of CHIIS’ first major innovations.

August 2015

CHIIS’ Healthy Aging Brain Center found a new home, in Sandra Eskanazi Center for Brain Care Innovation and Dr. Boustani named its founding director. This center was the first of its kind to treat Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders.

September 2015

CHIIS successfully enrolled 15 clinicians into our Graduate Certificate Program.

October 2015

CHIIS was awarded a $48 million grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and established the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network (GLPTN) under the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative.

February 2016

GLPTN exceeded its recruitment goal of 11,500 clinicians, enrolling 15,300 clinicians, and expanding to parts of Kentucky and Ohio.

March 2016

CHIIS developed the Big Ideas Innovation Forum, recruiting experts from within and outside the healthcare industry to participate in an innovative group problem-solving sessions.

August 2016

The first cohort graduated from the Graduate Certificate in Health Innovation & Implementation Science program. High achievements earned CHIIS implementation scientists a record-breaking $60 million in funding.

May 2017

Dr. Boustani and fellow CHIIS Implementation Scientist Dr. Zarzaur received a $2.5M award from National Institute of Aging to develop the Trauma Medical Home, a collaborative care model focused on facilitating the full recovery of those severely injured after age 50. They focused on developing a scalable approach to improve outcomes for this population while simultaneously decreasing the estimated $83 billion cost of care.

August 2017

The second cohort graduated from the Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science program.  GLPTN also held the first annual Quality Improvement Advisors (QIA) Innovation Meeting.

October 2017

CHIIS saved $80 million via quality enhancement within the first 24 months of GLPTN.

March 2018

“Agile Implementation: A Blueprint for Implementing Evidence-Based Healthcare Solutions” was published online ahead of print in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. CHIIS is successfully transforming healthcare and affecting lives through our defined change methodology of Agile Implementation.

January 2020

CMS selected CHIIS as one of 59 approved contractors nationwide under the Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (NQIIC IDIQ), a five year $25 billion dollar initiative to improve healthcare quality.