CHIIS implementation science training provides instruction in the skill sets needed to deliver the triple aim of better care and better health at lower cost, focusing on the theoretical and applied knowledge to successfully localize, implement, and evaluate evidence-based practices, as well as innovate and invent new models of care and processes.

Our Implementation Science short course will provide leaders with the following :

  • An overview of the features of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS).
  • The steps of the Reflective Adaptive Process (RAP).
  • The ability to apply both CAS theory and RAP in your position.
  • The ability to identify high priority areas that need improvement within your setting.
  • An in-depth understanding of the sources of variation, and where each area of improvement falls within this context.
  • The skills needed to tackle identified areas of improvement.
  • The ability to develop a complete quality improvement investigational question.
  • The ability to recognize differing needs of team members. For example, the needs of team members on a unit level are different than the needs of team members at a hospital or system level.
  • The ability to customize quality improvement processes to best meet the needs of team members in each complex, and adaptive layer of a health care system.
  • The ability to customize implementation science principles to best meet the needs of individuals in the various layers of a health care system so that they can work together in a cohesive and efficient manner to accomplish the overall goals.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Implementation Science short course you will be able to answer the following questions:

What is implementation science and how can its tools help my organization?

  • How can I lead a dynamic system?
  • How can I manage the challenges of uncertainty, variability, and dynamic interdependency?
  • How can I evaluate and select a meaningful change?
  • How can I identify early failures and successes?
  • How can I scale up success?


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